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INCI Name : Hydrolized Wheat Protein (and) Methicone (and) Polyquaternium 10 (and) Carbocysteine



Bio-Restore has an amino acid which repairs the cuticle (cysteine) asociated to a concentrate of modified monomeric precursors (3-glycidiloxipropyl trisilanol) with the purpose of improving the adhesion on the hairs. When the complex get in touch with hair this monomers polymerizes creating a layer of polysiloxanos. This bridge between the hairs and the polymers is because of a constituent affinity.Cysteine is a sulphured amino acid. The sulfur is in its disulphured form, the L-Cysteine. The intern structure of hairs is composed by bonds of sulphur which are responsible of its rigidity, elasticity and hair form. When in the structure exists keratin, the hair is exposed to terminal amino acids and the most important is the cysteine.In the extern layer on hair occur several damages, as micro-breaks and aging that can be restored by the application of a cysteine derivative, which presents a minor molecular structure and that let it enter into the capillary cortex, and forms stables and fundamental bridges which contribute to reinforce the intern structure. The cysteine amino acids act directly on the keratogenesis, giving organic sulphur for the keratin formation, increasing the resistance and flexibility of hairs, and being easily absorbed. Bio-Restore Complex protects hair and increases its resistance against external aggressions (sun, wind, weather) and chemical treatments (dryer, dyes, perms). The active additives form an elastic layer on the hairs, without modifying their individual integrity. Bio-Restore Complex helps to repair the damaged capillary fiber by its continuous use: the hairs recover their brightness, smoothness and health.Depending on the concentration used, different results can be observed, such as softness, brightness and easy brush.



Bio-Restore Complex is indicated for the industrial manufacture of cosmetic products. Because of its high substantivity and pH resistance can be incorporated in all kind of hair care products.

- Treatment and professional shampoo (softness and easy to brush)

- Hair conditioners and masks (conditioner, protection and brightness)

- Leave on treatments




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